Tuesday, November 13, 2012

iPhone case made with 3D printer beats out 70 other designs

The Shapeways team had dozens of entries for their 3D Print Contest for iPhone 5 accessories back in October. ArtizanWork won the top prize — $500 worth of 3D printing — with its "knitted" Sweater case. The case comes in four different colors and looks like a cross between a hand-knitted craft project and chainmail. The outer edges of the case are sturdy and the space between is more flexible.  ArtizanWork says that the Sweater cases are handwoven by robots. That's pretty cute. The team also adds that, "The cross stitching can move separately from each other creating an awesome tactile feel while acting like mini shock absorbers that protects your phone." You can buy the case from Shapeways (in white only) or you can buy it in any of the colors directly from ArtizanWork. The cost is $75.

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